Zach, Primary 5 From The Home

November 12, 2018

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Before I came to HomeSweetHome@Admiralty (HSH), I was staying in hospital. It wasn’t a nice stay as I was very lonely. My teacher would visit me despite being busy with school. Later on, my Child Protection Officer told me I have a place in HSH. I was happy to know this.

In HSH, I found the staff helpful and caring. I even have my own Primary Care Worker assigned to me. She talks to me and helps take care of my needs. In HSH, I have new friends and I learn to understand them. We are given time outdoors where we play games such as basketball and soccer. We also have time to do homework, read books and go for outings.

By Zach*, a Primary 5 student who turns 11 years old this year.
He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.


The important work of Epworth Community Services is funded primarily by generous well- wishers who strongly believe in our cause.

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