Working In A Student Care Centre: Our Teachers’ Perspectives

November 13, 2018

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I remember my first day back to the workforce and working at the SCC was with great anxiety. After all, I have been a stay-at-home mom for 6 years and managing my own 3 school-going children was already a handful.

I struggled in the beginning with the massive challenge of managing a class of 30, 10 times the number I faced at home – I nearly freaked out in the first few days! Thanks to the colleagues who gave me tips like how to look strict when giving commands, I settled down fairly quickly as days went by.

After 6 months on the job, the main challenge I face is dealing with hyperactive children. Children that can’t seem to sit still and are constantly running around and yelling away. Despite knowing they have to face consequences, they still do not seem to be remorseful or regret what they have done. This is one area where I am still learning to deal with.

Despite the challenges I face at times, I am writing this with all smiles just thinking about these children. I don’t drag myself to work as I did in my previous jobs. Children are simply so much fun to work with, their innocence and spontaneity is something which is priceless. It’s comforting when students come to me instead of BVPS teachers when they need help – like this boy who had quit SCC but had forgotten his wallet and had no money for lunch. I was happy to know that I was the first person he had in mind when he needed help.

There was also this other student who, after attending Kidsread (reading programme for young kids), came up to me and handed me something wrapped up inside a piece of tissue paper. Opening it up revealed a piece of biscuit the Kidsread teacher gave to her. This student had saved it for me. It was such a nice gesture and I was totally touched.

Working in SCC is one right choice I had made. As with other jobs, there are still some hiccups along the way, but the fulfillment of seeing the smiles of these children is enough to make up for it.”

Michelle Lim Mee Yee, Student Care Center@BVPS


Why do you want to work as a student care teacher?

To be honest it was not my intent. I started working as a part-timer because I was in the middle of a career crossroads and I wanted to explore what it would be like working with children. It was then I realised that working with children brought me so much joy. As adults we often view ourselves as superior because of our life experience, but the truth is we have so much to learn from the little ones as well. That innocence and the way they forgive is just what we often neglect. I enjoy working in the Student Care Centre because I go home and the next day I am happy to be seeing the boys again.

What is the most challenging thing working as a student care teacher?

I think one of the most challenging things I’ve experienced is ensuring balance and patience. Sometimes it can be hard because you need to take in so many perspectives; from the school, parents, the organisation and the child himself, and we have schedules to follow so that the day goes by effectively. Sometimes prioritising the child’s needs takes precedence over everything else, and it gets more complicated because each child has different needs. But we do our best regardless.

What is the most fulfilling thing working as a student care teacher?

There are so many moments that warm my heart and keep it full. But the greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the incremental positive changes, especially with challenging kids. You don’t expect huge differences overnight or over a month, but you do see the little improvements bit by bit, and these make everything worthwhile.
Describe your experience working in SCC with one word.


Interview with Sandra Lim, Student Care Centre@ACS(P)


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