Why Your Child Should Join A CCA

March 27, 2020

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By Angie Lee, Community Relations Executive

Staring at the blank space where I was supposed to fill in my choice of CCA, I remained undecided on what I wanted to join. It was due for submission the next day. Should I go with Choir to join my sister, or explore something new and go with Dance? I vividly recalled my mother telling me, “Just choose what you like. If you’re not sure, mummy can bring you to explore first.”

I chose the latter and have never looked back. I am not the best dancer, but the amount of things that I have learnt is immeasurable.

Flying Club, E-Sports, Golf, A Capella, Rock Climbing… the list of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) goes on. The number of CCAs in schools is growing to suit their students’ varying interests, while parents worry that they will be a source of added stress or distraction. However, joining a CCA has definite benefits for your child. Being a student is more than just being book-smart; it is about learning and discovering.

Your child gets to make new friends and learn new skills. Beyond that, joining a CCA opens up a whole new world.

It is never too early to learn how to lead. In every CCA, students are encouraged to step up and take a position of leadership. It could be the President of Interact Club, or just staying back after training to teach the boy struggling to follow how to shoot the basketball into the hoop. Students will also be given the opportunity to liaise with external vendors whom they will be working with during events. They are useful life skills to pick up.

Your child will better know his own likes and dislikes, can-dos’ and can’t-dos’. With time running tight and responsibilities piling high, he will find out where his limit is. Participating in events such as competitions test them on whether they are able to showcase their skills under public scrutiny and pressure. Even though you may find this a challenging journey, it is essential for every student to discover more about himself to reach his fullest potential.

Participating in a CCA is more than just about the individual, the team, or bringing glory to the school. Students get to learn how to be more caring towards others even though they may be competitors. Students get to put up a performance for a good cause. Students get to interact with the less privileged and learn how to be more compassionate and empathetic. Outside of the class, these opportunities are endless and will provide invaluable exposure to your child.

This is not to paint a rosy picture about joining a CCA. Every student will face their own set of challenges. Though not every battle will be a triumphant victory, it is through these that they stretch, learn how to cope and eventually overcome. Success has never been about winning, it comes through learning.


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