Then & Now: A Reflection (by Sujitha Nair, Student Care Centre@BVPS)

November 13, 2018

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Having worked in MCYC’s Student Care Centre (SCC) at Bukit View Primary School since March 2017, I have seen many Primary One students come out of their shells and develop their unique personalities. Seeing them achieve their potential gives me a sense of accomplishment and motivates me to continue what I do.

Annika first joined our SCC after transiting from Kindergarten to Primary School. In the beginning, we had to put our ears very close to her to hear and understand what she said. We hardly heard her speaking to anyone. When asked a question, she would simply smile and nod. Through Arts & Crafts and team building activities, we saw her change slowly. Now, when asked about what she had learnt from being in MCYC, she replies with a big smile that through our Character Development Programme, she learnt more about her school values. She is now enthusiastic about spelling and tries her best to get full marks.

Sai Charan joined our SCC in the middle of the school year. He was too shy to make new friends when he first joined. Through our weekly activities, he quickly made close friends. Sai Charan truly appreciated the holiday programmes as he felt that he managed to get to know his classmates better and formed close relationships with them. He learnt many values that he applies in his daily life. Sai Charan also talks passionately about learning new and interesting ways to understand number bonds and sentence structures. He is extremely excited about being promoted to Primary Two. He would like to continue to his journey in school with MCYC next year!

From time to time, parents give us feedback on the improvements they see in their children. Joyce is a sweet girl who was very shy. She had very little to say and would not participate in any of the class activities. Joyce’s concerned mother often checked in with us to learn about her social development. After a few months, we started to notice Joyce’s love for drawing and colouring. It was during the June holidays that we saw Joyce come out of her cocoon and becoming very sociable! With each Arts & Crafts project, we saw Joyce becoming more comfortable with her classmates and teachers. It warms my heart whenever Joyce comes to the SCC after school dismissal and greets me loudly with her widest grin!

I could go on and on talking about our students. Each one of them is a star in my eyes. Sure, there have been days that have challenged me and made me doubt if my efforts are futile. However, it is the stories of each child’s progress, like these three children, that keep me going. Children need a good foundation to grow as individuals. I take immense pride in knowing that I am working together with a team that contributes to the laying of this foundation.



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