Ms Rebecca Liow, iPEAK Literacy Teacher

November 13, 2018

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“Whilst taking our Bachelor in Education (Special Education) at Social Services Institute (SSI), I got to know iPEAK’s Assistant Manager, Ms Anne Chua.  She mentioned that her organisation had intended to hire.  Since I was looking for a job then, I decided to apply for a job at MCYC.  She also shared that beyond helping the clients with academic pursuits, iPEAK also emphasises the development of the children’s character and values. This sets iPEAK apart from other intervention centres.  This was a factor that had me convinced. My first impression of MCYC was that it was a small and cosy organisation.  Back then, the Main Office was still at Block 106, together with iPEAK (then called ‘Literacy Centre’).

An activity, in particular, that had positively impacted me was the devotions with Reverend See.  Although it was a challenge to arrive 15 minutes earlier each Monday morning, I’m glad I did.  Her prayers impacted me the most, giving me the refreshment I need for the week.

What I enjoy here is working with the children and my fellow colleagues at iPEAK.  I love watching the children grow and learn.  Their energy rubs off on me and makes my day. Sometimes, their comments really tickle my funny bone!

I would certainly recommend MCYC to my family and friends as a place to join.  Even though the pay and benefits may not necessarily match up to most corporations, the working environment and department culture made up for it.  And these factors are even more difficult to come by.”

Ms Rebecca Liow, iPEAK Literacy Teacher (joined Oct 2014)


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