Mr Sim Yeow Huat Jonathan, Fostering Volunteer

November 12, 2018

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“Assigned as Kenneth’s Family Supporter at Epworth Community Services, I would meet him for about two hours weekly. I was initially very nervous as I was unsure whether Kenneth and I could get along. The social worker, however, assured me that they had paired me with him as they felt that we had many common interests. True enough, we were able to get along very well. Each session, we would chat a little about his hobbies, and I would then help him with his school work.

Kenneth has very low confidence in his abilities, especially in his studies. It was only recently that I found a way to teach him methods to verify his work in order to gain confidence in himself. It worked, and my greatest reward was to see him smile with confidence, knowing with certainty that his assignment was correct.

I’ll say that it has been quite a rewarding challenge being a “big brother” to Kenneth. Perhaps part of the challenge comes from being inexperienced with interacting with children, and perhaps another part comes from having to figure out methods that would work for him. Although it has only been six weeks, I feel that I’ve matured a lot through my interactions with him. Having him in my life has been a profound change, because I now see myself as being responsible towards someone, and as someone that he can look up to as a role model.  

I’m glad I signed up to be a Family Supporter!”

Mr Sim Yeow Huat Jonathan
Fostering Volunteer


The important work of Epworth Community Services is funded primarily by generous well- wishers who strongly believe in our cause.

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