Mr Gan (Lisa’s Father)

November 13, 2018

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When my daughter, Lisa, was young, she was bubbly and curious, she enjoyed learning new life skills quickly.  However, on the academic front, she kept getting poor results and became disinterested in schoolwork.  Fortunately, her school teachers suggested that we seek help instead of deeming her as lazy.  She was eventually diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Lisa was first enrolled in MCYC’s Literacy Intervention Programme to improve her language and literacy skills; and, later, in the Mathematics Intervention Programme as well.  It was a struggle in the beginning – imagine having to attend so many extra classes after a tiring day in a normal mainstream school!

Apart from our sweets, treats and, sometimes, “stick” to keep her going for the extra classes, I strongly believe that the teachers in MCYC played a key role in raising Lisa’s confidence in her language skills, Mathematics and other subjects as well.

Today she can manage most of her schoolwork independently.  I am grateful to all the dedicated teachers at MCYC.

By Mr Gan (Lisa’s Father)


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