Mr Francis Ho, Volunteer Coordinator

November 12, 2018

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“Previously, I was working with youths in the Education Sector. I had always wanted to support, help, and work directly with children and youth, especially those in need.  So when I noticed from MCYC’s website that it had been very involved in the surrounding community and is very strong in its children and youth programmes, such as FosterConnections@MCYC, HomeSweetHome@Admiralty, iPEAK and the Youth Outreach Centre, I decided to apply for a job here.  I’m very grateful to our Executive Director (ED) who offered this opportunity to someone in his 40s transiting to a second career!  I was also very impressed with the interviews conducted by our ED, Human Resource Administrator, and Senior Social Worker.

Upon joining, I noticed that the fostering agency was a very closely-knit department and everyone worked as a team.  I also noticed that staff members would help each other, regardless of job roles and duties.

I’d like to share about an experience that impacted me.  We have one volunteer who had signed up to be a Family Supporter.  He would meet the Foster Child almost every week. The Foster Child had initially been very reserved.  But the Foster Child and volunteer clicked instantly and, within a month, the child had become more confident and cheerful!

I enjoy constantly interacting with Foster Parents, and I admire their dedication in supporting their Foster Children.  I also enjoy seeing Foster Children grow in the Foster Family and return to their natural families in a better condition.  In addition, I have a group of volunteers who offer their precious time and effort to help us, which I really treasure.  I also enjoy having a group of supportive colleagues, both within the fostering agency and from other departments, who would often be willing to share their experiences.

Of course, I would recommend MCYC to my family and friends!  The work we are doing at MCYC is very meaningful, and the work environment is also very conducive and supportive.  We have very understanding colleagues and it is never a chore to work here!”

Mr Francis Ho, Volunteer Coordinator (joined Mar 2016)


The important work of Epworth Community Services is funded primarily by generous well- wishers who strongly believe in our cause.

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