Mr Alex

November 12, 2018

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“Going to the Epworth Youth Outreach Centre has been really fun and enriching for me, and I look forward to visiting Youth Centre at least once every week. One of the highlights is the ‘Special Interest Group’, held every Thursday afternoon. During the ‘Special Interest Group’, we play basketball with the workers at Youth Centre and other Youth Centre members. During these sessions, a friendly worker at Youth Centre, Ms Christine, taught us different basketball techniques and drills, which we got to practise every week. I like these sessions because the practices help me to aim and shoot better. It was so rewarding whenever I could score a point because this was something I thought I could never achieve. This, in turn, helped me become more confident of myself.

One lesson that I took away during the basketball sessions was the importance of teamwork. Ms Christine taught us not to hold on to the ball because it would be snatched by an opposing player or our shots would get blocked. She said that we needed to pass the ball to our teammates and work together with them in order to score. It is enlightening to me because I realised that alone I can only do so much. However, if I am willing to cooperate and pass the ball to my fellow teammates, we will find more opportunities to score.”

Member of Youth Outreach Centre


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