Mdm Katherine Sim (Fredrick’s Mother)

November 12, 2018

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1) What were some of the challenges Fredrick had before attending STAR programme?

Before attending the programme, Fredrick did not know how to show respect to people around him and he had difficulties getting along with his father and brother. He was impulsive in his ways too.

2) What had helped him?

The part where he needed to practice Stop, Think, Act & Rethink has been helpful. He is less impulsive, less argumentative as he is able to stop and think first. His relationships with Dad and brother have improved as he is able to reason and communicate better. He had also shown improvement in his behaviour in student care.

3) Do you find the collaboration between the therapist and parent helpful? If so, how did it help you?

The trusting relationship between the therapist and Fredrick has helped him to open up during sessions. There were things which Fredrick would not share with me but he would share with the therapist. Because of that, during parenting session, the feedback shared by the therapist was useful and it had helped me to understand him better.


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