Literacy Intervention Teacher*, Epworth Literacy

November 12, 2018

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“Working as a Literacy Intervention teacher at Epworth Community Services has been a fruitful journey. The work is meaningful, as Epworth Literacy serves as an outreach arm to children with learning difficulties, along with their families. Knowing that we can make little impact in the children’s learning curve and in their character, or personal growth, is something that gives me great satisfaction.

There is a lot of learning involved personally, as we strive to understand the gamut of issues facing the children and their families. This is so that we can be sensitive to their needs, and to carry out interventions more holistically. I thank Epworth Community Services for the opportunities, such as supporting my educational pursuits, which allows me to be more equipped in working with the children and families that come through our door.“

Literacy Intervention Teacher*, Epworth Literacy

*Name has been omitted by request.


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