Lee Qi Xuan’s Mother

November 12, 2018

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Within the first week of Primary 1, it was evident to Qi Xuan’s teachers that he was unable to focus in class. Qi Xuan would be playing at the back of the class, unable to quieten down or pay attention to the lesson. None of the strategies by the teachers worked and I was called in to enquire about Qi Xuan’s behaviour in childcare. Reports by the childcare teachers concurred with what the school teacher was facing, in that Qi Xuan is a playful child and cried a lot. The school recommended and arranged for Qi Xuan to attend the STAR programme at MCYC, led by intervention specialists.

As the STAR programme uses games and activities to teach Qi Xuan skills, he is very interested in the lessons and is very happy to attend them. After 3 months in the programme, the school, my friends and family, have commented that they have seen the positive change in Qi Xuan. He has also matured. Previously, Qi Xuan was very playful, would not admit to his mistakes, and did not like to lose when playing games. It was quite a headache! But now, Qi Xuan’s primary school teacher has commented that he is able to sit at his desk quietly and focus on the lesson. At home, he will help me look after his 2-year-old sister, and is very tolerant and caring to his sister. Furthermore, he would take the initiative to apologise when he realised that he made a mistake. This was not possible previously.

I’m very thankful to Teacher Anne from MCYC. Thank you Teacher Anne for your love and patience in teaching and guiding Qi Xuan, I am indeed very grateful.


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