Glavis Loh, Volunteer

November 13, 2018

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As an ex-uniformed group member, I thought I would be more than ready for what’s in store when volunteering with MCYC. I kept saying to myself “I am ready”, and “I was also once a young student, no problem!”.

Through this journey, things are as challenging as they are exciting. Each day is different and vibrant in its own way, going well beyond a simple requirement of “handling young students”. I remember when I was a young student myself; at the receiving end of countless scoldings. Now as a volunteer, I get to see what’s behind the scenes in the classes, and I must say it is not as easy as we think!

You will get days where the children listen to the teachers and the day passes smoothly and easily. But just as often, you get days where the children simply go against everything you say. Through these instances, we learn a skill not many possess: patience. Repeating instructions over and over again can get exhausting, but we understand that when it comes to listening and following instructions, kids will be kids! Which is why volunteers such as myself have the utmost respect for the full-time teachers, they do really have a lot of patience!

Volunteering in the Student Care Centre teaches you life skills you cannot typically learn in a classroom. Through my personal experi-ences, I have learnt that every child is unique and special in their own right; and how we approach each child will be different depending on his or her character and disposition. This need to be flexible was not something I was used to prior to volunteering with the Student Care Centre, but over time I have grown a lot with them.

I enjoy sharing my experiences with anyone and everyone because I want to strongly recommend volunteering with the Student Care Centres, and with MCYC’s other programmes and services. If you can give some time back to the society, I guaran-tee pricessless experiences in return. Not forgetting, the little ones have a knack for making you feel young again, which serves as a timely reminder that we may grow up, but there is a child in all of us!

The Heart Of The Community (by Glavis Loh, Volunteer)


The important work of Epworth Community Services is funded primarily by generous well- wishers who strongly believe in our cause.

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