Gayathiri d/o Pannirchelvam, Temporary Staff

November 13, 2018

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I am very grateful for being given the chance to work at such a wonderful place.

Although I was only a temporary staff (September 2016 to June 2017) in MCYC’s Student Care Center at Bukit View Primary School, I was given many opportunities to plan and execute the lessons for the kids.  I received a lot of guidance from my fellow colleagues, Ms Linor and Ms Julie, when I was new.  I am truly grateful for all that they did for me.

In my opinion, I could not have asked for a better working environment.  It was fun, vibrant and yet, conducive enough for all staff to accomplish our tasks.

Whenever, I faced a problem, I never felt left alone.  All the staff including the Supervisors took care of each other, ensuring that no one is left behind struggling.  This was important to me as it gave me confidence to deal with many difficult scenarios; assuring me that I was not alone if I encountered problems.

In all, I would like to thank my Supervisors: Ms Julie and Ms Linor, for the constant guidance and for being such good leaders.  I would also like to thank my fellow colleagues who made me look forward to work everyday and Ms JC, who always took care of me (usually by making sure I have my lunch!). Lastly, I want to thank the amazing kids; may you all continue to learn and grow.

I left to pursue my career in Pharmacy.  But, perhaps, one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced: children are the ones who teach you the best life lessons.


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