Ella, Residential Care Worker

November 12, 2018

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Hi, my name is Ella and I am a Residential Care Worker at HSH. I have a boy that I relate directly to as his Primary Care Worker (PCW) and I function like a significant adult/care-giver throughout his stay with us.

This role was hard for me at first as I had to build rapport and establish clear boundaries at the same time with Michael*. However, the turning point came when I discovered his trauma history and understood the factors contributing to his misbehavior. I began to have compassion for him and decided to be a role model for him.

When we are together, we would talk about his progress and dreams, discuss behaviours expected in different scenarios and process issues if he faced difficulties. Through such interactions, I saw that Michael was more receptive of my input in his life and more importantly, that people thrive when they are loved and cared for by others.

To me, being a PCW is a privilege to cherish as it allows me to get to know children like Michael better. I work with the Treatment Team to help Michael manage his trauma and prepare him to be a better person in the future. I hope that Michael will continue to apply the skills and demonstrate the positive attributes he picked up at HSH when he leaves us. I believe this will impact him and his world positively.

One word to describe working in HSH? Priceless.

By Ella Krystalia Tanoko (right), Residential Care Worker
*Names of children have been changed to protect confidentiality

Ella is an avid traveler and explorer with a love for coffee and spicy food. She relishes her night shifts as it allows her to indulge in potato chips and instant noodles between rounds.


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