Back To School Fun!

March 26, 2019

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By Julie Chu, Manager at Epworth Student Care

January 2019 marked the start of another school year!  One could see the innocent and “blur” looks of the P1 students and the anxious parents who were concerned about how their child will fare in a new environment. 

We had a week of orientation for the new students to get familiar with the class, environment and the staff-in-charge.  For the “old” students, it was a time of rekindling friendships and adjusting to another class with new staff-in-charge.

Many exciting activities were organised to get the students settle down in the new class.  There were 119 students including 28 new students who joined on 2 Jan 2019.

Back to School!

In the blink of an eye, February arrived and it was a month full of activities. We celebrated Chinese New Year with the students with a children’s version of Loh Hei, conducted arts and crafts for the students for Valentine’s Day and held a talk on fire safety and a fire drill in line with Total Defence Day.

In addition, ACS Barker Choir Group conducted Music Enrichment for the students for their Values in Action (VIA) Project. They presented 2 song items and some of the students sang along with them. ACS Barker Choir Group also organised 2 team building games – Whacko and Musical Chairs. The students had so much laughter and enjoyment throughout the songs and games.


Chinese New Year Celebrations

(Left and Centre) Chinese New Year arts and crafts by the different levels.

(Right) Loh Hei (children’s version – with all their favourite snacks). Of course, the students were overjoyed with the snacks.

Music Enrichment by ACS Barker Choir Group

Students enjoying the songs and games conducted by ACS Barker Choir Group for their Values in Action (VIA) project.

Fire Safety Talk

Conducted by Stanley Quek, Assistant Supervisor at Epworth Student Care


Fire Safety Talk

Valentine’s Day Crafts

The boys also made ‘superman lollipops’ for their Valentine’s – which can be their parents or friends.

Back To School Fun!


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