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August 16, 2019

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By Carol Aw at Epworth Student Care

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The June holidays breezed through quickly. The centre was packed and filled with fun and active learning programmes everyday so as to ensure that the children achieved maximum benefits and learning during their school break. Some of these elements include Enrichment Classes, Educational Field and Fun Trips, Interactive Play and Activities, Teambuilding, Sports activities and not forgetting study time to catch up on academics.

Here are some of the highlights of the various outings and programmes that we had!


Gardens By the Bay: Children’s Playground cum Chess Competition

There was a slight drizzle in the morning. However, that did not stop the boys from having fun. The day was backed up with chess competition. In conjunction with the festival held by Gardens by the Bay for Toy Story 4, the boys got to be involved in fun-filled games and activities before we broke for lunch at McDonald’s.

The boys were able to have fun in the water doing the various obstacle courses and slides. It was a refreshing time indeed! They had a good shower, which was followed by a break for ice-cream before we headed back to the centre.


Playtopia Indoor Playground @ Tampines Hub

We kicked off our first outing at Singapore’s first indoor playground, which was located in a library! We were welcomed by a group of friendly and helpful staff at the entrance.

The boys were immersed in great fun and laughter with all the colorful and bright playing facilities. It was a great place for the boys to burn off some energy for a couple of hours in a clean and safe environment. After lunch they had a chance to relax in the library and some even went to borrow books of their choice.

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Beach Volleyball Clinic @ Kallang Wave cum Visit to the Sport Library

We were blessed with a fantastic weather that allowed us to engage in outdoor activities. It’s hard not to love beach volleyball with blue skies, sunshine and a sand court conducted in such an environment. A well-qualified coach was engaged to train the boys some basic skills, where he even gave some great tips to play well. It was a good morning exercise to wake up those young muscles! Some of them played so well that it even led to a tournament between different teams! There were also some others who did not want to challenge and chose to build their own sandcastles, immersing themselves in the company of their friends. The children bonded well together while also fostering creativity. Shortly after lunch, there came the thunderstorm and the boys were sheltered comfortably in the sports library for the rest of the afternoon.

Tank Playground and Truck Playground @ Choa Chu Kang

We were greeted by a bright and sunny morning that day. The boys’ hearts were charged towards the Tank and Truck Playground at Choa Chu Kang once it was in their sight. The teachers gave them specific instructions on safety precautions before they were dismissed to their respective locations to explore the great military fun.

It was a dream come true for most of the boys, where they no longer have to wait till National Day to see such equipments. They were able to climb onto tanks from the outside, and from the inside too. There were nettings and safety measures to enhance the children’s exploration and movements around the place.

After which, we had a great lunch at McDonald’s – always the children’s favourite. It always seems like there is not enough playtime, especially when everyone is having fun. The boys continued to play before the bus arrived to bring us back to the centre.


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